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Zlatan smile

Several pagewievs from other countries here on our webbside - especially The Zlatan blogs. The visitors come most from Italy and Netherland. Kistalight takes a litle help from the Google translator for our foreigner wievers.
Google translation!
What a translation?

Zlatan smile - one more time!

 Mona Lisa throw yourself into the wall!
Here's Zlatan smile!
Of course not only Kista Light jammed for Zlatan's smiling!
We discover when we google!
At the entrance to Rosengard - the road to get to the Rosengard from other Malmo - as well as to get from there - go under Annelund bridge where trains rumble past and there is the famous smile of a work of art tiles by Björn Malm - Carne. Bild Ulla Kistalight

Zlatan's smile in the tunnel during Annelund Bridge - above the bridge there is a sign with the famous inscription! Picture Thommy Sjöberg Kistalight


You can take a guy from Rosengard
But you can not take Rosengard from a guy
Quote Zlatan

Steaming hot cakes Zlatan's autobiography, I am Zlatan in Kista Academy bookstore. All items are sold out. The shelves are gaping empty over the freshly printed Tomas Transtromer collected poems.

- Has never been anything like that says one of Kista Lights old students, Sara, now a bookseller in Kista mall and see Zlatan's first edition sold out from one day to the other!

- The first edition is said to have been printed in hundred thousand copies and the second edition is on its way.

Kista Light comes across a copy and read with increasing interest. It's not the cars, the big stars, attractions, feints, objectives and jubilation at the legendary stadiums - from the San Siro to Nuo Camp which fascinate but more the story of the little guy from Rosengard and his journey.

Zlatan was an abandoned boy. Get the most to stay with Dad. Dad who were Bosnians and engrossed in the Balkanwars drank the most, beer, listened to juggemusic  and was encapsulated in its own right and had just no time for Zlatan. With mom in Rosengard who was remarried, it was crowded, messy and poor with the hassles of half-sisters and where the jab hanging in the air in form of wooden spoons for the kids  were not listening to their mom. At school, he could not sit still and was constantly in conflict with the teacher and always on the run.

And there was the ball!
 - Football!
With the ball he could do tricks, feints and play with the other guys. Imagination, drain, and community and dreams at the same time. Brazilians became role models, Ronaldo and the other stars feints and steps were trained for hours. No problem for an abandoned kid who no one asked for and who was was hyperactive.
- A successful feint and dribble and he could, well, smile all the way to talk with the headmaster!

Somewhere here, I think Zlatan made his game, founded its technology and learned to see openings in the game.
The rest, all football academies in MFF and other clubs were only processing of the original talent and training.
Being cocky and fiddling about then?
Certainly in much the result of ADHD, which seem to be more common today, but also a lack of support from the adult world. Who supports this guy most have received care for themselves from a poor suburb where Swedish middle-class ideals are far away!

Kista Light who himself grew up in the suburb of old Östberga, actually in the embryo of the first million program in Sweden,  (i embryot till de första miljonprogrammen,) has spent considerable time on the soccer fields and hockey rinks. We are so old that it was before curling parents' time and before the organized youth sports time. There was still time for spontaneous and variety of games. The adult world was usually far away! It went to play without parental support. Although we had our old manThunis who drove too many kids in his DKW to away games.

Curling Parents, organized training, tough competition and parents' names lists against a difficult and lonely teenager.
- Zlatan has survived most of the time and it is clear that he has been cured!

Kista Light has not only grown up in suburbia, but continued to live there over the years and worked with young people in suburban schools and was a leader, trainer (är vi utbildade hocketränare, steg 1, i svenska hockeyförbundets regi) and Internet editor of Online in Swehockey (internetredaktör för Online i Swehockey) at the Royal Court in Stockholm (Hovet) Hammarby A-juniors at the time.
- Actually, we are educated hocketrainer, step 1, the Swedish Hockey League auspices, it was at least 10 years in youth sports for us as parents.
 Educational, exciting, and really fun year!
Football, gymnastics and hockey - surely we can not have those years with kids and other parents. Tournaments, trips and the occasional conflict - it was never boring - the soap was all that often present!
Since curling from their parents and organized training basically started with the '80s generation, we talked about education rather than to play around with the ball and play two-goal. Bingo Scratch, pushed tions and match set - we can not quite grasp that Zlatan fixed the trip alone! His dad woke up only when Zlatan has a place in Mamo FF's junior team when the Balkanwar was over.
Kista Light think Zlatan combination of cockiness but also listening skills (suck up football) lasted long but parent groups who want to freeze out a DIFFICULT guy is not to play with!
Maybe when Zlatan four of one of his famous smiles when the coach wanted to talk to him?
- Some charm after all and not just cockiness?

David Lagercrantz has found a nice tone in his book about Zlatan. Rap sentences, full of humor with understatement that flashes and especially Zlatan wake observations in terms of leadership and big egos among coaches and football MVP. Actually, one can obtain examples of power strategies how a leader, Barcelona's coach Guardiola, does to freeze out (silence and do not see) a player like Zlatan instead of taking a talk with him. Wonderful lines there - Barca bought, paid for a Ferrari, but want to use him as a Fiat!

Juventus coach Capello with larger and more natural authority works better in their communication with the players and is more straightforward.
Inter with Mourinho - the champion of identifying opponents, cocky he too, goes well with Zlatan. Eventually he may even get the ironface Mourinho to smile and cheer when he wins the top scorer in the last game round with a heel.
Telling The pace of the book is easier in Italy sections. In Italy during Cappellos leadership in Juventus mature and developed Zlatan to a great forballplayer
David Lagercrantz has written a literary book about football and he and Zlatan must have get nice contact over the taped conversations in Milan. Lagercrantz who grew up a stone's throw from the Brocken Tapiola in Solna and the boy himself played football in AIK.
Kista Light especially like the chapters of the children and youth in Rosengard liver and is a piece of contemporary literature. Will be one of several modern Malmo Depictions compare with the likes of Yarden by Kristian Lundberg, Underdog by Torbjörn Flygt and more fun maybe Hey Dolly by Amanda Smith.
Score five feints of five (The opposite player who went and bought hot dogs!)
Today smiling enough Zlatan most when he thinks of his family but of course if it's a gloomy day down in Milan, the fog rolling in from the Po valley and cold weather as it can be in Milan, he can smile all the way to the bank.
- Can not help but wonder if David Lagercrantz have royalties per cent, of the book. Then he can smile all the way to the bank - if not, he may rejoice over an unusually well-written biography of football.

PS 1 He, Zlatan, four of a real smile even when he becomes Capocannoniere, top scorer, on a heel!

 in the season's last game with Inter season 2008 - 2009!
- No bad stuff!

PS 2 Zlatan is not the first major Swedish player in Inter. He has had predecessors, Nacka Skoglund,  Just for fun  with similar backgrounds.
 - Perhaps in his time (den mest populära) the most popular of all Swedish footballers in Italy!

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