Monday, June 05, 2017

The Sounds of Northern Öland

The sounds of city seems to disappeare...

Today something for our internationell readers! 
Especially the viewers from USA!
It´s about the sounds from our summer residence.
Oh I mean more precisely little noice from our summer cottage!

Why not like a Spotify list?

Track 1 Start a lawn mover! 
Three light presses on the rubber hub (float),
then pull the starter wire...whruum!

Track 2 Bark...bark!
Here the cat is hunted by the neighbor`s barking dog.
Difficult with Friggebodar`s location.

Track 3 Cuckoo Why not some bird play? 
The nightingale in may - a speeded quartet, the red-hearted twitters in our oldest bird house, the blue-knife in the red painted one or the doves guttural noice, the blackbirds drill - a nice chap and the false signal from the cuckoo in may.
Cuc ...koo!

Track 4 Sawing wood... on the other side of the wall!
From a real Islander!
From a person who lives here all year on Öland.
An Islander i IRL, in real life, so to speak among all summer guests.
He always sawing on saturday afternoon. 
Punctual as a weekend ringing from the church in Böda while we light the grill for a little barbecue and our revolutionary cat spins awaiting some goodies.

Track 5 (Summer) Surr...r Bees and bumblebees in our flowering lind in july as a mild sambarhytm. Kistalight dreams of building a beehive.
 Sometimes an exhausted bee drop in my cap, plopp, as i sit on the porch, do creative little thing, read, write and records in my books.

Track 6 The sound of melodies from the waves in Kalmarsound, hears a little extra at seven o´clock, say 40 minutes after the Gotland boat has passed or even better you van hear the poetic noise in twilight from a spark ingnition engine when a fishingboat is heading towards the harbor in Byxelkrok.

Track 7 Winds wins in the tree tops of the linden. Blown and windy as the most characteristic of all sounds here on the island of the wind. 
- Öland!
Most of the time the wind is only a like a dimunitive idea among the trees. You feel  the light breeze as a promise for the summer.

© Thommy Sjöberg


Anonymous Kistalight said...

Ljudet från en tändkulemotor och en fiskebåt är nog mest en romantisk grill.
Är troligen den nya turistbåten som går med sommargäster ett par gånger i veckan längs stenkusten på Norra Öland.

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Kistalight said...

english version! About track 6!

The sound of a sparkling engine and a fishing boat is probably the most romantic barbecue.
Is probably the new tourist boat that goes with summer guests a couple of times a week along the rocky coast of northern Öland.

4:03 AM  

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