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Beckett, Che and Zlatan in the suburb - Dandelions in Concrete

Collage of images: Beckett -Lütfi Özkök, Che Guevara - Alberto Korda and Zlatan Quote - Thommy Sjöberg

All the excitement is in the suburbs! Some reflections on the two wellknown photographs, iconic images, and a lesser known photo with quotes of Zlatan. Reflections are taken from previous data in my course in Digital Photography History and Image Theory at DSV and Art Academy 2013. Where I chose that as my historic mission was to portray Swedish million program created in 8 images.
The image of Beckett is from the 1960s and the image of Che is a cult image and has the status of an icon. The pictures above are from my blogs and is a part (spice) in my own story in suburbia here with some strikes between millionaires program's inception and ending point. Sometimes the mind, body, spirit and matter (Spinoza - see Lecture course) to form its own cycle where the picture gets its role.
Becket never visited Östberga - Lütfi Özköks famous image of Beckett was taken in Paris. The chiselled furrowed face - it cropped hair and intense eyes give an image full of character. But the rows of portraits of famous authors are taken in Östberga from this the first (embryo) of suburbs in million program. Lütfi Özkök makes the authors to laugh he was also a deeply educated man and spoke a number of European languages ​​plus Turkish of course.
 Thousands of writers have not visited Östberga but many of the most wellknown! They with Nobel Diplomas and other insignia has over the years sought crouching along the district's windy street searching for a "great luminous sunflower between two continents terminals". Quote from the Lütfi Özköks poetry collection Winds road. Their mission was not to portray suburban life without visiting the Lütfi Özkök in the Elephant House at Stamgatan for a portrait. Read on for the man with the boisterous laughter and the great camera!
 The above picture of Che Guevara is one of the world's most widespread and famous (iconic) images called guerrilla hero and was taken March 5, 1960 in Havana by Cuban photographer Alberto Korda. The photograph shows a visionary and Christ-like image of Che Guevara and became a symbol of youth rebellion and student movements around the world after his death in 1967. Revolutionary or not sometimes pops Che, pictured, in a new context!

Che Guevara Rinkeby 1991

Come on!

I swear on my mother - I will kill you!
A world in shards.
Arkedac, filos and Companero!
Here you can say friend in many ways.
In Rinkeby International, gymnasium.
Behind the square!
Beats a young boxer pattering series on a speedball.
Nailed on biceps a sweat shiny tattoo
Visionary Che in his beret with the star!
Here he glimmers like a good shimmering boyhood dream.
Which in itself encloses a whole world! Thommy Sjöberg)

 Why not a trip to Rosengård?
  One of Sweden's most famous suburbs!
We do a Zlatan Tour in Malmö million program!
Start at the now-famous quote by Annelund Bridge and the passage under the bridge towards the Rosengård.
  Fine with my photography and with the light in the tunnel entrance of the little children crowned with Zlatan quotes. There is a light...
You can take a guy from Rosengård.
But you can not take Rosengård from a guy.

Read more about making a Zlatan tour in Malmo!

We conclude with a few more strikes to my story by showing two videos. A journey through Folkhemmet and a small branch of the Million Programme historic trees. One from Östberga, embryo million program, and one from Kista where it all got its endpoint. Behind the camera, my daughter Evelina she follows his poetic father who would move when he reads his texts thereof a certain double movement in the filming after a day of magical display of my youth neighborhood in the suburbs. 

 The images from the video that we show have the snapshot character and if you look at the films to get an indie sensation! Not the best technology, lot of sounds that interleaves text and reading, but they create presence and suburban feeling in Kistalight perspective.
 This kind of videos can certainly get a similar meaning as pictures and videos of the AIF, Arabic Image Foundation or UK-based Archive of Modern Conflict AMC with Thomas Sauvin project Beijing Silver Mine negatives (- see our lectures) like thus amateur films recorded for a foundation. The pictures can certainly also be seen in a context of how daily life is interpreted in the story and how the relationship between politics, pictures, and how we construct stories (lecture Spinoza).
 Or like Lina Selander who investigates the relationship between utopia, political, and emotional expression. I said to allude Lina Selander  when I´m walking at The Järvafield along Igelcreek looking over to the west!
When the sun sets it´s all red, then it disappears behind Rinkeby.
 Lina Selander is inspired by Jean Luc Godard one of our youth heroes and especially his film La Chinoise here from one of her lectures. I 'm not sure I understand Lina Selander and her installation but I like them and somewhere reminds her images with their reflections blur about my youth retinaproblem with my right eye when I was young.

And as I said Kista is the end point for million program. A small loop in the suburb of mind, body, spirit and matter, again a la Spinoza! A circle is drawn up between the experimental suburb in the 1950s to the final stage of the million program in the 1970s.
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© Thommy Sjöberg

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Blogger Thommy Kistalight said...

Biten ovan är min avslutande redovisning på kursen
Digital Photography and Image Theory på DSV och Konsthögskolan i Stockholm.
Skrev biten ovan först på svenska sedan översättning till engelska som är kursens språk.
Glömde tyvärr att spara den svenska biten!

3:17 AM  
Anonymous Kistalight said...

Oroar mig en del över de fotografiska rättigheterna ovan!
Bilden av Che är garanterat äldre än 50 år - går gränsen där!?
Che får väl ses mer som en ikon, religiös bild, än ett fotografi!
Beckett bilden som jag gillar så mycket ligger också kring 50 år och är från 1960s.
Hur som helst Kistalight är ju ännu så länge en icke kommersiell blogg
och visserligen droppar det in en och annan besökare
allt fler från USA faktiskt men ändå är det en amatörblogg.
Bilderna visas alltså utan egen personlig vinning!

2:56 AM  
Anonymous Katarina said...

Roligt och poetiskt.


/ _ _ _ /

Lycka till i fortsättningen!

2:45 AM  
Anonymous Åsa said...

I am not that familiar with the million program, heard about it,
but that is about it.
I thought it was interesting to read your story line

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anne J said...

I as a becoming byggnadsantikvarie is inlove with the million program buildings.
Allthow they seem to make cliffs in society they do have their golden moments.
For one the architecture is superb. Who doesnt love concrete? and for second,
it is known that children who grow up in million programs like stockholm for instance,
have great friends, a group that they will live to know all their lifes,
all because of how the houses were build againts eachother.
the areas inbetween the houses created a meetingpoint for the ones living there.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Thommy Kistalight said...

Fine with your positive perception of suburbia pleases an old dandelion in the concrete!

8:13 AM  

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