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Generation Loss Light One More Time

Some visitors, pagewievs, from USA the last days, make us happy and we believe it´s our last blog that makes impact.
We do a Google translation/what a translation for all our american readers!
 Generation Loss by Elizabeth Hand is a hot topic, acclaimed crime novels, with huge spread Svd on Sunday (27/3), and the author also participated in August on Crime Time Week on Gotland in Sweden with her puzzle thriller.
 New ulcerated (broken) swearing heroine Cass Neary in Lisbet Salander style, but older, more scruffy (can there be?) Than Stieg Larsson digital Pippi Hero. Maybe she's not as smart as Salander but equally knowledgeable regarding classic photograph from daguerroi, from the early days of photography, to digital cameras. Elisabeth Hands hero Cass Neary is born of the New York punk scene and 70s and is a big fan of Patti Smith that affect her life choices after a club night. A club night when she sees a long skinny girl screaming to a rowdy crowd and fair cascades of poetry while a nerdy guy jumped around with an electric guitar. Cass Neary gets inspired and get her fifteen minutes of fame when she was in the punk spirit shooting around in clubs and other punk hanging in East Village on lower Manhattan and get together a port foil of photographs that will be a book Dead girls, fitting title in the punk spirit, and photographs is enough even an acclaimed exhibition. 
Cass Neary is a complicated person and she has a special feeling (nose) for everything that is broken.
 She can smell it! 
She carries multiple traumas. From childhood, a lost mother in a violent car crash, and from youthful punk period, she becomes the victim of a rape in an alley. The two traumatic experiences are poorly prepared, rub and are not healed. 
Cass Neary has outlived her children and youth - but does she live? 
Nine Eleven, September 11, glimpse and the older Cass, an additional trauma. Here she loses a girlfriend who she has a sore relationship with.
According to its authors, Cass Neary Amoral a speed freak crank head kleptomaniac murderous rage - filled alcoholic bisexual heavily tattooed American female photographer! Kistalight is most surprised at the reading of the Generation Loss of her impulses, apparently, unexpected shoplifting. 
They will, however, later be an important piece of the plot and the resolution of the drama. Forgotten as a photographer and middle-aged Cass Neary gets a vague and somewhat ambiguous assignment of a speedad childhood friend who wants her to go to Maine and the islands there and interview the old hippie photographer Aphrodite Kamestos for music magazine Mojo's behalf. Cass googling his photographer, you Mother, even Aphrodite is much of a one-book author, and she finds pictures but mostly reproductions. Reproduced a photograph an (infinite) number of times it becomes worthless, authenticity is lost, loss of quality and images become a degraded version of the original. Here Aphrodites beautiful marine images that could be Maine islands.
There is a generation LOSS!
 Maine in November and the islands of the northeastern United States is a depopulated, summer guests have gone home, the fishermen have taken up lobster pots for the season, stone industries that have put down for good and all young people who can only escape the small villages.
In short, it is a place where there is a cold of the soul and Maine is also home of the horror author Stephen King.
There goes Cass Neary in early November, ill-dressed for the coming winter with pointed boots with toe caps made of metal and loaded with a considerable amount of drugs and Jack Daniels in her slightly fuzzy assignment to interview a forgotten paranoid hippie photographer who lives on an island off Maine coastal.
Here goes the story in a more contemporary horror from a historical document from the seventies. Young people disappear in the neighborhood and it is set up mysterious pieces of alerts on message boards and it abounds with bizarre survivors of the hippie years in the sixties.
About Cass Neary is a speedad survivors from the seventies with a special nose for the broken and a connoisseur of morbid photographs.
Then is Elisabeth Hand a razor-sharp observer of nature (special geology of the archipelago) and the people in Maine's sparsely populated areas. Eventually rolled also a horror thriller up with hippie mysticism and photo story!
A real thriller as emotionally may bring to mind Denis Lehanes Shutter Island, New England environment, and even there madness.
 In Generation Loss is madness a very real basis for the mystery and intrigue is solved. A mystery as well as photo historically anchored with photos of the dead with daguerrotypes.
 Photos with giving life to an ancient art form with sharp portrait with the risk of mercury poisoning and madness. Good and exciting book with rysar, horror thriller and literary qualities.
Rating Five evoked sharp daguerrotypes of five
©Thommy Sjöberg

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