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Camera Obscura Academy Light

 Today, we're kidding around with the phenomenon of the Camera Obscura. What happens in Kista if you try to cover up (darkened) a room with a small aperture for the light and try to produce inverted images on the wall.
 Then emerges, frontcover of Kista Light Academy.
Where you can learn everything about Kista?
 No ... no, but you can read funny pieces about school during a school year, and something about the Kista mall.
Since this piece is a task of our course in Digital Photography.
Where the language of instruction is English.
We naturally want to report this in a world language​​!

Here something about the Daguerreotype for our american readers

Daguerreotype is the name of the method used in the breakthrough of history's first photographs. The first photographs belongs at the time when the industrial revolution conquered Europe - early 1800s. A time when technology and science developed, and they were faced with a number of new inventions where the photograph was one of several innovations.
Candles ( Light Writing - Wow!) Or sun writing was the original name for photography. The origins of how the mystery was resolved, it is considered that first photograph was of the Camera Obscura and Helio graph (sun and writing ) and was made by the contractor and engineer JN Niepce . 

View from the window at Gras Heliograph (see photo above!) - sundraft made by Camera Obscura with an exposure time of 8 hours. Tennplate the camera was prepared with a kind of asphalt coating dissolved in lavender oil.

When exposed to sunlight was therefore tarmac hard and insoluble in the illuminated sites, but became soluble in dark areas, which are then washed away with a solution of lavender oil and terpentine. 
Niepce then came to work with LJ M Daguerre. Daguerre who was a painter , designer of stage productions and co-owner of a diorama - a kind of theater where they showed realistic special and ghosting for spectators and where he used a Camera Obscura technique for manipulating effects.
Camera Obscura is a dark room where there is a frame or a hole in one of the walls that let in the sunlight which could then depict the landscape outside of an inverted image on one of the walls. They built since boxes that could capture the process, they came to be known as cameras.
LJM Daguerre Daguerreotype, has its basis in and developed by the Camera Obscura idea and Niepce heliographic.
Niepce Daguerre came on tin plates with silver plates (silver-plated copper plate ?) Who were exposed to mercury vapors accelerated exposure time. The light sensitive material, the reaction was then stopped up with a mixture of salt. The method was possibly, were found, by chance, but hocus pocus Daguerre had invented one of the first shooting photos which detail emerges with great clarity.

Boulevard de Temple probably 1938 alternatively 1939 Daguerreotyp Image L. J. M Daguerre
L. J M Daguerre and J. N Niepce (actually the son Isodore Niepce) received a patent on the method which was named after Daguerre and called Daguerreotype. French Academy of Science came to support Daguerre with a lifetime pension and annuity against that method, Daguerreotype, was released from 7 January 1839 to one and all to exercise. Compare free software today on the Internet.

Daguerreomethodtype was a special method and each image could only be preserved in an unique photo. To copy had to take photos of the photo.
Several methods came to be developed in addition Daguerroe also Photogenic and calotype. Daguerroetypen suited for images in which the details were sharp and important. This could apply to both historical buildings, science and war pictures and eventually portraits from supposedly racist, policymakers, celebrities to commercial family portrait. Calotypen missing Daguerroetype sharpness of details but created more atmosphere, nostalgia, medieval feel and better suited for mass copying.
Gratis är gott! Här den senaste versionen av In the footsteps of Stieg Larsson. Vi har läst iBookversionen, iPad, och lagt till i bibliotek där - ser snyggt ut men av någon anledning finns det en tom sida i texten. Sedan bör det vara en text på bilden till framsidan för att boken (essän) ska katalogiseras i iBooks och Amazon med flera.
Fixade till slut en text där i Paint om än mager!
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Blogger Thommy Kistalight said...

Just nu 99 nedladdningar av In the footsteps of ...
klockan 13:27 svensk tid 3 december!
När kommer den hundrade - nr 100:a nedladdningen?
Och vem blir det?
Tänk om han eller hon kunde höra av sig här på sidan!

4:31 AM  
Blogger Thommy Kistalight said...

Tid att fira!
Nu 100 nedladdningar 16:50 4/12 -13.
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Nåja - massor att göra Kurs i digital fotografi just nu.
Får fira kanske på fredag!

7:56 AM  
Blogger Thommy Kistalight said...

Hör av er vetja!
Om någon nu nyligen gjort en download for free
som vi säger på nusvenska!

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Blogger Thommy Kistalight said...

OBS! Camera Obscura bilden ovan med Kistalight Academy är ett skämt!
Practical joke?
Nåja kanske inte så lyckat - men nu får det vara så!

5:23 AM  

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