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Cabrillo Highway sandwich - English day

Nostalgia California 81 - Today a little piece for the next week and the english day from Kistalight! Google translation - what a translation!

Cabrillo Highway sandwich

- Looks like a fucking sandwich!
We live in the traffic noise level with the Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco.
 Comment folds of the young residents at Embarcadero, YMCA, San Fran when we are peeking out on the bridge.
 Rosinante, our yellow Oldsmobile is safely behind fences Parking space a block from us. Feels good for a streetguy in exile to finally trample little streets, stroll, and breathe city air on street corners.
We continue our guesthouses career and live cheaply on the Embarcadero YMCA.
- A little excessive perhaps?
But can also be seen as part of the project to become and be a student.
 A lifestyle I was trying to achieve when I would release me, moving away from home and grow up. A student living easy and cheap and ideally he lifts around the world without a penny in his pocket. Now I was admittedly a student but had mostly been working and studying in their spare time but it's fun with romantic notions.
 When I got home after the U.S. trip I would take a leave of absence for one year and read a B.Sc. and then I became a teacher, but it is as they say a completely different story.
Dulcinea, my travel buddy, looks worried on the photo from a Cable Trolley. It is the second or third time we go Cablecar the steep path down to Chinatown.
West's boys' home turf.
- Is it not Sam Spade from The Maltese Falcon, the man in the trench coat, sitting there in the car, necks from a brown bag and takes a few puffs on the cigg?
- By the way, where Bullit whizzing past the intersection.
- Damn good speed!
 The swank woman who just step into a Porsche, with slitted skirt, polite spiers, and seems to have traded a bag of ice axes look like Sharon Stone.
Car chases, classic detective stories, erotic thrillers and comedies probably San Francisco feels like  home.

Lanky road knight or streetkid from Stockholm in exile on the bay in San Fran. In the background Fisherman Wharf. Photo: Ulla - Kista Light

We go boating on the bay, around Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate Bridge, nestled in fog.
The guide says, and when he's done he puts on a tape of the great earthquake 1906th In days, 18 april, it is 100 years since it broke out and caused chaos and havoc which conveyed with great feeling in the band played.
 San Francisco is not just the western outpost of the American project, the Constitution, new frontier, pioneering spirit, going west and entrepreneurial spirit. Without this, there is also the San Andreas Fault, a 1300-mil long fault line that extends from Mexico south to Oregon in the north and lying there like a scar in the earth's crust. There rub the North American plate and the Pacific plate against each other - actually along with the plates.
- This is called tectonics.
San Fran; beat poets and the hippie movement, residence, gay and rainbowpeoples outpost and today just south of the Bay.
 San Jose and vicinity - Silicon Valley!
 One of the most exciting places for development in high teech. From here stems also Ewan Williams now acquired by Google and one of the pioneers of bloggingrevolution and our home base as bloggers.
- Actually, we have San Francisco time on our blog.
Yes, there is something special here in the air at the border to the Pacific Ocean.
In The Beat poets bookstore City Light's got some classics by Henry Miller and we dine in Chinatown. For coffee, we are invited for cookies with small tickets where there are personal messages. I will be financially independent and Dulcinea will get an offer that she can not resist - we'll see.
- Damn me if we did not see Jack Nicholson glimpse the past in Chinatown with demolished and bandaged nose, but really secure, we can of course not be!
At the Loma Prieta earthquake on October 17 1989, we saw the pictures from San Francisco and Oakland Bay Bridge.
 Remembered our stay there, and found the reporters eyes to the Bay Bridge looked!
Just like a fucking sandwich!

Bob Dylan in San Fran
Today we are taking a leap over the American continent. Bob in Bad Company - so called the image! Here is Bob Dylan photographed  for the album Blonde on Blonde with all beatpoeters original father Allan Ginsberg, playwrighter Michael McClure and rockicon Robbie Robertson. An incarnation of beat poetry, rock n roll and American folk music - in short - modernism makes inroads in pop music. All photographed in the alley behind the City Lights bookstore on Columbus Avenue in San Francisco. City Light founded by Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti and is an indie bookshop and publishing house, which exists to this day. Kista Light was there in his youth in the early 80's and of course visited the City Light. Maybe there were sown the seeds for future Kista Light publications. Picture Larry Keenan

If you see him say Hello

  The day before the picture above was Bob had a gig with The Hawks (the Band) on the Berkeley community theather in San Francisco. Before the rows of poets and writers. Several of the beat poets hung out with the Hells Angels also why there appeared a whole band of angels with imaginative names like Freewheelin Frank and Terry the Tramp. The Salon first two rows were filled with beat poets, writers, beatniks and the Hells Angels and the center of all sat folk music own super fairy dilute the Joan Baez.
  Beat poets were fond of the bizarre show and it and when a boot from a disappointed folkmusicfan landed on stage next two guardian angels were Bob called King of Dada.

  Then came Bob to go on a world tour, record Blonde on Blonde in Nashville, being booed most everywhere in the electrical part of the show - obviously perceived as tedious and probably unreal and cured with pills.
  In Manchester City Hall May 17, 1966 was perhaps the most famous pirate show in the history of pop music known as the Royal Albert Hall recording. Today, more commonly known as Judas and play it fucking loud gig!
  - Never have Like a Rolling Stone played with the same sound and feeling. In a way, it is the end point for Bob as a revolutionary songwriter and transnational electric poet!
  - A pop music Rimbaud who, after England tour and motorcycle accident withdraws the world and lives a family and country life.
- Can be understood rather as a healthy watershed of a wise man who takes his chance to recover.

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