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A millenium tour

Trash baskets as art - Kista Light on cultural Milleniumwalk, footpaths of Stieg Larsson, in Stockholm Södermalm. Image: Thommy Sjöberg
Today for the english readers - milleniumtourists as well as others - "a google translation" with a little help from Kistalight. 

Why not a Millennium Walk?
Follow the most attended and best-selling detective story of them all!

Start with to buy a map at the City Museum where we can follow Micke Blomqvist and Lisbeth Salander in the footsteps of their strolls around Södermalm.
Said and done, start at Mellqvist coffee bar in Hornsgatan, my wife is craving for coffee, cappuccino with cardamom bun and, for me, double espresso with crust.
- Just to zoom into street life from the streetcafé!
Young girls with lap-tops, women friends in lively conversation, a woman with coffee cup and a novel by Siri Hustvedt, two gentlemen discussing the cinematography and sounds of music from the coffee bar - currents prog rock music.
Here could Stieg Larsson sit and write during the Expo magazine period and here had Blomkvist his favouritcafé. Here asks Lisbet Salander him for a loan of Fox, 120 000, to an important investment that will make her three billion richer.
- A suitcase full of money is also good to have!
Here is also Lisbeth Salander, in love, and where she became deeply disappointed when she sees Mike fucking Blomkvist kiss Erika Berger from Millennium.

Not a bad idea to start the walk at Mellqvist coffee bar - continues over Lunda Bridge, on Lundagatan further west on Södermalm grew Salander up and there has Kista Light painted window in his youth in what we called widowhouses. House by a simple standard for low-income women.

On Monteliusvägen - promenade below Bastugatan (where Kista Light handed out mail in his youth) is one of Stockholm's most beautiful views. Peeking out over Riddarfjärden over at Kungsholmen, Norrmalm and Old Town you can see a number of famous buildings. City Hall, City court with Kronoberg where Lisbet's future and destiny will be determined. Beyond Riddarholmen glimpse of the Royal Castle and the Swedish Parliament. All symbols of society's power and institutions, of course, to represent a young and vulnerable person.

On Bellmansgatan, Micke Blomkvist's home address, we will make a gallery round. On the corner of Hornsgatan where eight young silversmiths exhibit, we are literally thrown in - well kindly invited - nice things to us unknown silversmiths. Here we meet our own Ronne Dahl, H - sommarölänning and retired, happily toast in white wine and talking about summer. H is very interested in culture and do most every Saturday a gallery round - starting at the locks up Hornsgatspuckeln, turn off at Bellmansgatan and so closed at the Maria Square.
- The Gallery season begins in October and are looking forward in June says H happily since he was little in the cap and are already broadcast on the legs after visiting a number of galleries with generous glass of vernissagevin.
The synagogue on St. Paul Street, Detective January Bublanskis Assembly, we do not see a glimpse of, but here we meet a young blonde cute nurse with a baby in a pram, a former colleague of my wife, while we're talking happily - gossip about their chiefs and stuff perhaps, before moving on.
How sweet she was a little girl, so girly and what a beautiful name Siri, "says my wife about his colleague's little baby.
- She says Kista Light - that was a little guy! It was seen clearly. Your colleague even said his name was Philip!
Remember that you can hear and see so different! But it was two i in both names, we say in the corner of the street at Hökens gata and Götgatan right where Millennium had its premises above Greenpeace. While we understand that we will have plenty to discuss once we become pensioners.
We miss the Mill, Kvarnen, where Lisbet Salander meet the girls in the band Evil Fingers, for which we have been before, while we rush towards Fish Street.
Salander and the Swedish loneliness can you meditate over while standing outside the gate at Fiskargatan 9th. The hacker Lisbet as wit to the billion and bought a luxury apartment, which she calls V Kulla and where no one knows that she lives.
Was it really Bosse Parnevik who lived there or was that ABB's Percy Barnevik? Anyway, there must be this mystery genre's most lonely hero (heroine). No one has her address and her way over there have gone from a minor statement, the victim of sadistic rape, buried alive by her father and brother and, finally, forensic psychiatric abuse from society.
Talk about exposure and to be scruffy!
While  Salander follow a development curve. She, the girl with Aspberg syndrome, learning impact, studying higher mathematics, will help boost her femininity and travel to the Caribbean for her clips hacking before it is time for the final settlement with the family (see ancient drama) and to deal with society.
One wonders how much Stieg Larsson has taken from his own personal history and emotional development in his Salander history. Salander is the Millennium trilogy genius Clou and here are cyberPippi in the digital age.

Puzzle, police and spy thriller!
All in one!
Does Millennium trilogy tells something about Sweden!
We did not know?

Fun with the millennium tour - in fact we met a group of tourists, certainly more than thirty of the Monteliusvägen walking in the City Museum's house - crowded there - might suit us at another time with a guided milleniumtour.

Colorful sofa at Mosebacke comfortable to rest on after a detective walk. Image: Thommy Sjöberg

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© Thommy Sjöberg

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What a translation!
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Hamnar högt i Googles sökrankning (pagerank), tredje plats, 16/8 11
med artikeln ovan.
Biten finns även att läsa i Kistalight på spaning!

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