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Welcome to Sweden Mr. President

Welcome to Sweden Mr. President! We say from Kista Light!
We celebrate with an old (ancient) text about Barack Obama's Dreams from my father that can also be read in Kista Light on reconnaissance. See also Kistalight på spaning...!
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Take care of yourself Mr President! 
Stockholm is a dangerous city - surround yourself with good company! Nowhere else in Europe has two cabinet ministers, a state and a foreign minister, had been murdered in the space of 15 years.

Who knows one day maybe Barack gets Nobel Prize for literature for his oratory and his books - here was the Peace Prize that mattered.

Kista Light on the loose but on the nightstand rests Barack Obama ' My father had a dream. Fits to rename the cat, occasionally , to Barr after Barry course is for Barack . Provides opportunities for an ongoing political conversation .

What 's about the G-20 meeting Barr ?
Grr says Barr with its tail in the top ! 
Or how 's things going in Afghanistan? 
Grr ... grr says Barr and tail drops ! 
Is it really a problem with the Taliban ? 
Grr .... grr ... says Barr and tail sweep golvet.
And now you 've had goat The Nobel Peaceprize.
Grr ... Barr says , and the tail looks like a question mark.
And the Nobel Prize is just a prize !

Barack Obama ' My father had a dream is more than a political autobiography. The book has features of formation and development of novel. While it is a depiction of Barack's young age and portrayal of his family and relatives , it is also a call for the United States, Indonesia (Asia) and Kenya ( Africa). It's about colonialism, modern history, segregation and racism , modernity versus ancient traditions .

Actually , the book is written on the assignment. After Barack Obama as the first African-American President , Editor in Chief , Harvard Law Review brought media attention he received an advance from a publisher to write his story and tell us something about the gaps between the races, and how it shapes the American consciousness.
Going to an Ivy League university was not obvious for Barack Obama. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii . His mother was an American (white) and his father exchange student from Kenya (colored) . Hawaii is the western outpost of American new frontier spirit. Further west , you can not come here and settled down Obama's grandparents. Not only is Hawaii as a western outpost for Barack consciousness. Colored he grows up with his white grandparents, the unselfconscious grandpa and talented grandmother . For a few childhood years living in Indonesia with his mother and Indonesian stepfather and gets a half-sister and he may take part of the vibrant life in Jakarta. Barack's special upbringing with roots in three continents makes him well suited for a multicultural world and globalization. Few people would have so many rootlets in different continents.
In his book abuzz with sightings and environmental descriptions from Hawaii to Jakarta, New York to the southside of Chicago and from Nairobi to the Kenyan savannah with glittering images from Obama's home village (roots ) at Lake Victoria in western Kenya.
His real universities, formation time , the years that doubting organizer in the South Side of Chicago. With a degree in political science from Columbia University, NY, because he works for a few years as an organizer near the free churches in Chicago's Million areas Altgeld called The Garden and others. This applies to education , housing improvements and job training. Here he meets a black identity in the form of pastors in Martin Luther King's spirit , black nationalism a la Malcolm X and colored leaders in suburban everyday principals and local politicians. Here are tested his skeptical stance and he developed and shaped into something that might resemble a pragmatic politician with a spiritual (Christian) dimension. Obama just over three years in a southside Chicago crowned by that he comes in at Harvard Law School.
With an absent father in the trunk, partly mythologized , there is a constant search for identity. Certainly there are father figures : the good-natured grandfather , stepfather in Indonesia Lolo , the various black pastors in South Chicago.
However, he challenges the void in his soul and in the book's final part , he visits his relatives , half-siblings (was it seven ? ) , In Kenya and traveling around there.
 My father had a dream has excellent literary qualities not then just as the character of the Bildungsroman . The book also has great stylistic sides with excellent environmental books and there are features of the essays in their thoughts and descriptions of black leaders , modern history , racism and colonialism.
The interesting My father had a dream that it was written long before Obama knew he would become a politician .
- Maybe he was not even in their wildest dreams imagined that he would become America's first colored president. Here writes instead one that thinks it could possibly be a writer and surely envisioned a future as a lawyer in civil matters.
- Is not that what Obama is working on right now?
In some ways !
Visions and pragmatics at the highest level !
Very readable book : Grade Five White House by five .
After all, should not my father had a dream, Dreams from my father , named as memoirs but more considered as essayistic autobiographical stories from a sensible , intelligent , sensitive and observing young colored guy.
- Phew - became well lengthier it there - but ok.

You Barack , I say to the cat. (Available for Gods sake dont call him for Barr - respect brother! )
The real Barack is doing well .
Doesn´t he?
Grr ... says the cat with raised tail.
Grr ... What a surprise with a Nobelprize!

Lust to read more from Kista Light on reconnaissance - order a book on - costing a hundred - 100 SEK. See also Kistalight på spaning - Kistalight på spaning...!

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Anonymous Kistalight said...

Google translatio - What a translation!
Kistalight har gjort det igen!

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Blogger Thommy Kistalight said...

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Blogger Thommy Kistalight said...

Nu bara en ...på spaning kvar med guldhjärta!Där Obamatexten finns med.
Britt-Marie i Kista, lyckans ost, valde att köpa den näst sista.
Till ett mycket facilt pris!
Grattis säger vi på Kistalight

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